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answers after a sex offendes allowed to volunteer at sch. the new apology from the hef 's catholic churc . south bay parents demanding answers after a sex offender was allowed to volunteer at the school. the new apology-from-jy from the san jose catholic church. >> when it rains, it poured when there is more on the way. not dead. we'll have all of the detail when is we cover weather a few minutes from now. >> most americans are overworked and underpaid, so, just give them the day off. >> call it black friday backlash. the campaign to stop stores from opening doors on thanksgiving. >> it's 8:30 on sunday,
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november 18th. thanks for joining us this morning. >> we have a lot of news in the next hour. the situation in israel. also, the situation in sacramento. we're going to sit down with state senator-elect jerry hill to talk about the new surplus that suddenly popped up on the screen. >> yeah, california's fiscal future and talking about the petraeus scandal. it's, of course, a big one in the headlines all week long. we're also going to talk about how safe is our e-mail. >> and we're going to talk about the safe streets of san francisco as we shift state prisoners on to the county. meanwhile, there is an apology this morning from the bishop of san jose, after a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer at the festival. >> the church and sheriff's office are trying to figure out how he got written permission for the event last month. in a statement issued yesterday, the bishop said no one was found guilty of sexual abuse can be allowed to
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volunteer in any activity that involves children. mcgraff went on to say i am deeply troubled and apologize to you that this policy was not followed. the man at the center of the controversy is mark christopher gearies. by state law, a registered sex offender is only allowed on campus with a written permission from a school official. his was -- his was identified by a parent. the sheriff will be at the school on tuesday to meet with concerned parents. new this morning, a man was shot to death during a robbery in menlo park in front of his wife. that happened on iivy drive. the victim was sitting in a car with his wife when at least two people approached. no arrests have been made and this is menlo park's second murder of the year. friends and family say goodbye to a san jose marine killed not in the line of duty, but by police officers in
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california. police say 22-year-old corporal allen belina was yelling obscenities at officers in palm springs, saying he tried to drive off and in the process hit one of the officers. they fired their guns killing him. yesterday, his body was returned to the family here in the bay area. >> my son was a great kid, well loved and had a charisma and the marines and worked at different platoons in the baital crops. >> the funeral is scheduled wednesday morning in freedom. and overnight, we saw heavy rain in the area. >> and roadways were wet and looks like drying is in their future. he's more what we can expect
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today, brian? >> the storm is barreling through the area and that is posted through 10:00 a.m. today. the entire state, the nowhere half of it is looking for clearing skies. the high-def doppler is showing not a drop out there and there is fog in the north bay. and more high clouds, but aside from that, today looks like we'll start out some fog in the north bay and some mild temperatures and changes ahead. ann, phil. >> thank you, brian. president obama said israel has the right to defend itself. speaking in thailand today, mr. obama said any effort to resolve the conflict in gaza, quote, starting with no missiles being fired into israel's territory. today is the fifth day of attacks against the gaza rocket operations. israeli strikes hit two media centers in gaza and wounding six. seven civilians were killed in today's airstrikes. 53 palestinians including militants died since wednesday and at least one rocket was
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fired at tel aviv and intercepted by israel's iron dome missile defense system. in indonesia, more than 5,000 people marched to protest against the israeli air strikes in gaza. the protestors marched to the u.s. embassy carrying indonesian and palestinian flags -- flags, as well as posters against israel. indonesia, a muslim nation, has no diplomatic relations with israel. back here in the states, black friday deals may be red- hot, but who is really paying the price for them? stores like wal-mart, target, and best buy plan to open as early as eight p.m. on thanksgiving night to get more sales. employees of the retail stores are not happy about it and hundreds of thousands have taken their frustrations out online. on, a campaign is asking people to boycott wal-mart and it's growing. shoppers seem to sympathy with employees forced to work on thanksgiving.
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>> and that is selfish. >> most americans are overworked and underpaid, so, give them the day off. >> over 200,000 tarset employees and customers signed a petition to some say it's hard to find the spirit of christmas past, even with more holiday shopping days this year. >> and some point out the fiscal cliff that looms over christmas future. cbs reporter drew levinson shows us now retailers are trying out new strategies to bring out shoppers. >> reporter: as in years past, shoppers are getting primed for black friday, the most analyzed day of the retail year and the holiday season opening. the good news for retailers, an early thanksgiving means the season on longer with 33
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shopping days. the economy is still sluggish and washington atmospherics have rattled consumers. >> retailers are very concerned about the fiscal cliff situation. in a recent survey, 72% of consumers say they were changing their shopping patterns as a result of the uncertainty over the situation. >> reporter: also, dampening the forecast is superstorm sandy. by one estimate, nearly 5 million households in the path will have to curb spending this year: is to counter, they're going in and offering discounts. look last year, some stores will open on thanksgiving at midnight with wal-mart, target, sears, and toys "r" us opening earlier. in a fierce competition to get the very first shoppers. >> retailers know after many black fridays that typically the place where the person shops first is the place where they spend the most money. >> reporter: the strategy is working. last year, a quarter of all black friday shoppers were in the stores by midnight. and the weekend was a record
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breaker. drew levinson, cbs news, new york. things are looking up for california's state budget. >> well, there are signs pointing to a possible surplus even and what lawmakers need to do to keep it that way. our conversation with assemblyman jerry hill next. >> and planning on joining the black friday madness? when you should really hit the stores to score the best deals. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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♪me and you... ghirardelli squares chocolate... ♪a little rendezvous savor our luscious filling combined with our slow melting chocolate. ♪that little reward for all the things you do.♪ only from ghirardelli. c-b-s five consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows s best of black friday deals may not come on black friday after all. >> cbs 5s consumer watch reporter julie watts show us when the best deals turn up. >> reporter: we see it every year. the shopping stampede after the last slice of pumpkin pie. this year, you may want to stay home and digest because a lot of those black friday specials aren't so special. >> the -- it's to drum up excitement. >> matthew -- many black friday
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ads this year look awfully familiar. >> ninety% of the retailers we look at are going to at least one of the exact same items of the exact same price on black friday as last year's black friday. >> reporter: for example, last year radio shack advertised this 500-gig usb for $49.99. this year, it's offering the same product for the same price and it turns out it's not the best price. >> this went on sail this year. >> reporter: he said the usb price hit rock bottom five days ago when it was selling for five bucks cheaper than the black friday ad. it's a similar story for the wireless printer at staples, selling for $1.99, this black friday, the same as last black friday. you could have bought it cheaper a month ago. >> and the rock bottom price was $179.99. >> the stores use flashy ads to get you in the door hoping you will sell your basket once there. buyer beware, because something
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says it's on sale does not mean it's a bargain. >> sent on assume everything is a big deal. >> reporter: avoid buying toys, jewelry, winter clothes and watches on black friday. the prices for those are likely to be cheaper later in the season. remember, a lot of the doorbuster deals are for limited quantities. julie watts, cbs 5. brain hackney has the pinpoint forecast. are we looking that far in the future? >> she's camping out. that would be a cool thing to do. >> in front of best buy. >> you need to buy -- . >> that will be exciting. i'm there. and we are going be looking for things to progressively dry out and this morning, they have a few high clouds and to san jose, can you buy some sunshine and there is some fog in santa rosa,'s few high clouds as well
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and we begin with numbers chilly. 52 degrees and things have dried up, the high def doppler picking up not a thing. and we're going to look for mostly sunny skies, the showers exited and exited and did we get dumped on last night through south san francisco and that came down the last 24 hours. out of the door this morning, the feel will be mostly sunny skies and meteorologically, looks cloudy. that is a thin layer of high clouds, 2000s of an inch; san francisco, a half an inch of rain. san carlos, a third of an inch and to livermore, a half an inch. and look at the hills, almost two inches of rain the last 24 hours and that is nice. santa cruz mountains, the redwoods needed rain and the satellite and radar shows the system on the way, the rain making potential will stale stay north of the bay area and
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we dry out and another shout of showers into the bay area by mid-week. out of the bay area, there is winter storm warnings posted in the sierra through 10:00 and if you're heading out tomorrow, partly sunny at sfo and no weather-related air traffic delay is expected, sunny in new york for a change and 52 degrees and numbers on the chilly side, and hazy sunshine. the extended forecast will increase the clouds again tuesday night and this is favoring the north bay. they will linger through wednesday morning after that. thanksgiving looks dry and looks like it will stay dry right into the weekend. and one more shot at showers late tuesday and that will do it. ann and phil? >> thank you, brian. encouraging news on the california budget situation. the state's non-partisan legislative analyst said the deficit in the next fiscal year will be much smaller than we
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have seen in the past. >> and we may see surpluses down the line. that would be since the first time since 2001. this morning, assemblyman and state senator-elect jerry hill explained we're not out of the woods just yet. >> we're still short about $1.9 billion, if things go according to plan the way it is now, and that is still a challenge this we have to face. it's difficult. what we have seen in the past are the i responsible budgets. when i got to the legislature 3 1/2 years ago, fur four years almost, we had $42 billion we had to cut and you look at that budget and it was put together with springs and we spent more money than we had, there is no reserve or accounting. the debt service is almost 9% of the general fund budget and that is irresponsible. we had to deal with it. i think we did and unfortunate, the citizens of california had to face it and live with it. we can't get to that position again, and that is going to be the struggle. >> because even as we speak, there are a number of groups, the education and others who
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said it's time now since we do have this meany coming in, to restore the cuts. in other words, start spending again. >> well, we can't. we can't do that. if you look at the budget and part of the deficit we're looking at next year, that is because the facebook ipo did not come in as high as it was supposed to in terms of the sale. the stock sales. how can the eighth largest economy depend on a social media stock price? it will come back and haunt us again. there is no reserve in the state. we have the high debt service and should take the one-debt money. spend it on one-time causes to pay off the debt service. try to balance things in the long run. that is not what. >> done. i think the pressure is the other problem we're faced with is in the assembly, almost 50% new members. they were not there four years
8:47 am
ago spending all night on the legislative floor trying to balance that $42 billion. they don't remember that, so we have to really show them the responsible way, i think. >> well, right, you see a -- seem a little temperd about this. we have the new people coming in and you know there are a lot of departments out there who will tend forward massive spending. >> of course. >> are you going to balance that? >> unfortunately, the governor made it clear he wants a responsible and even-keeled budget as we go forward. he doesn't want to raise taxes unless it goes to the voters, which i sing a responsible thing to do, but that is going to be the challenge, the whole back and heat restoring this. and certainly education, we owe education a large amount of money and have to pay that back. we have to bring k-12 education where it was before or this economy is not going to be the 8th largest in the world again. >> on the spending front. no new taxes on the vote of the
8:48 am
people. we have fees. >> there are a number of vacant seats to be filled and we have added foes already and that is something we can do historically and i think there will be an adjustment with the cost associateed with the project, but i don't think they will be -- >> to be responsible, and i think the legislature will be responsible in this time. we know that we can't afford not to be. >> do you trust the legislative projections? >> i do. they have been accurate in the past. they have been close. the problem with the projections showing the $1 billion surplus a couple of years and the problem with the projections is it's based on status quo. no salary increases or excessive spending, you know, we have $40 billion of bonds we have not sold yet that we can sell and that is going to add to that $8.9 billion debt service every year. that is the problem.
8:49 am
it's good and that is not going to stay the same. >> well, we expect to see more cash for the state's budget. >> and the same may be true for california's prison realignment effort. san francisco sheriff on what it means to bay area agencies. senator-elect jerry hill abt
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jerry hill about c
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s budget situa . we spoke with a family member and senator-elect jerry hill about california's budget situation. prop 30 will help, and it means more money for prison realignment. >> and that is for the people coming out of state prison and into county jails, a way for the state to save money. the question is how safe is that? we turn to san francisco sheriff and asked him are you worried about what is going to happen the next two years? >> we have a real opportunity in san francisco to demonstrate to the rest of the state how we can do something and the state average for many years has been around 77 or 78%. so, in essence, they have failed and failed for many years. recidivism, the repeat offender rate. it was my predecessor who shouldered much of the burden for many years. he invented many of the rehabilitation programs. now, many of the local criminal justice partners like adult
8:53 am
probation department and others are coming in line to do something about high recidivism rates. this the first for san francisco. we're only's few counties in the whole state with undercrowding. >> people still get their cars broken into. >> right. >> the houses robbed by the low- level, non-violent. >> right. >> who tend to, if they comfortable, go to jail for a certain amount of time. >> right. >> keep going around and around. >> that merry go round, if you talk to sfpd, and when i chaired the city's public safety committees, the board of supervisors, and i was dogged about getting the kind of attention to my district, and why it was suffering chronically. and just that area. that is the norm. i wouldn't accept that and the idea, it's not responding to
8:54 am
what is stagger us in the face, high recidivism rate. it's not new criminals but repeat offenders. >> this is the person who goes around. >> the priorities budgetarywise has been a fraction on those reab tative programs and no mechanisms for accountability to make sure that you're doing your job and doing it well. and which is why we're not working closely together. >> do you ultimately think the programs can keep people out of crime? >> no. not without the participant, the inmate themselves being held accountable. as sheriff, when i came in earlier this year into office, i asked adult probation to make it a condition to the probation. a sentence to a condition of their probation that they must complete a program while in custody and out of custody or else they violate probation. >> and sanford talks, one of the best college football teams in the country. >> it was not the only big upset this weekend.
8:55 am
vern glen has them all. vern. good morning, everybody. wow, what a night for college football on saturday. the number one and two teams lost and stan fod, the big hand for one them. ap, number one in overtime, oregon. maldonado, 41 yards and now. as stanford scores, they win. whose got it? stanford football and in this overtime situation, it was time for jordan williamson who would miss earlier in the game is true from 37 yards and stanford of a three-touchdown underdog, was a stunner, 17-14. number one, kansas state bit the dust. running back lake -- for the baylor bears. eighty yards to the hissy.
8:56 am
baylor, knox off k state, 52- 24. and last night in san jose, david failed for the spartans. gets brisby on the run, led 20- seven, late in the game. how about that? nine wins for the season. they are rolling and loving it. five straight wins now. for the spartans. hey, when you go to the raider game later on today, it's a 1:00 kick off and hosting the new orleans saints. they're going to be passing out wrist bands, like i'm wearing on my right arm. and this is to salute the troops. this is what they want you to do. they want to you take your wrist band and during the national anthem, put your hand over your heart and that is a special honor for the u.s. forces. wrap-up later on, early newscast and on game day as
8:57 am
well and freeway and have a dry sunday, folks. see you later. the affairs, e-mails and a fall from grace. >> the cia sex scandal that forced general petraeus to step down. the conversation with a legal expert from uc hastings in the next half hour. we'll be right back.
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exactly sure...they keep mog the goal post the sheriff of san francisco back on the job and firing k
9:00 am
. i'm not exactly sure. i feel like they keep moving to the goal post. >> sheriff of san francisco back on the job and firing back at critics. our one-on-one conversation with ross mortorimi. >> a great day in the bay area today, a few high clouds, winter storm warnings in the mountains and more on the way. we'll have the forecast in a few minutes. >> and can't wait to go to 7- eleven and buy a pack of joints. >> coming soon to the states of colorado and washington, marijuana legalized for recreational use. there are challenges in making the new laws a reality. >> book -- . >> welcome back this morning, it's 9:00. >> and we have a lot to talk about here in the next half hour, we're going to break down the general petraeus scandal and talk about what yet means about the privacy of our e- mails. >> and we're going to talk with mayor ross. how did he get into it in the
9:01 am
beginning and does he regret the movies he's made? there is a new apology from the bishop of san jose after a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a school festival. >> the church and sheriff's office are trying to figure out how he got written permission. the statement issued yesterday, bishop patrick mcgrath said no one found guilty of sexual abuse can be allowed to volunteer in any activity involving children. he went on to say i'm deeply troubled and i apologize to you that this policy was not followed. >> by state law, is allowed on campus with written permission from a school official. mcgeary's was identified by a sex offender as a parent. the sheriff smith is going to be at the school on tuesday with tomeet with concerned parents and there are plenty of them. a shootout leads to an arrest in san jose. a second suspect is on the
9:02 am
loose this morning. this is how it ended for one of two men a cowed of shooting at a police officer on friday night. and police say the suspects went on an armed robbery spree hitting up businesses and people at gun point. the police spotted their car later on highway 101 after a chase through residential streets. one man got out of the car and started shooting at the police. >> the officer was forced to duck down for cover and the front windshield side window and one round struck the officer and that exploded and now the car is contaminateed with pepper spray. >> and luckily, the officer had minor injuries. another officer in another car started shooting at the suspect. one of the guys ran away. another was arrested after hiding in a house during a two- hour standoff. >> and leave night, plenty of rain was soaking the bay area
9:03 am
and brian hackney has more. >> it was moving quickly and moved into the mountains, where they have the winter storm warnings posted another 40 minutes or so and in central sierra and can you look at the doppler radar until your heart's content and there are no echos and you're looking at the high cloud across the sun. still, looks dry for the bay area and more clouds in the north and south and numbers should be by 60 degrees and as well as the all-important thanksgiving forecast a few minutes from now. president obama is in thailand for a start of the three-day trip. and he toured a royalmon stairy and met with thailand's prime minister. during a news conference, he praised thailand for supporting democracy and neighboring myanmar. the president is going to visit that country later this week.
9:04 am
>> and now that california voters voted, there is -- they're lobbying the state to resume skew executions. they point to the defeat of proposition 34, to scrap the death penalty altogether and it could be simplified and expedited if california got rid of the three-drug legal injection process and moved tooing a single injection. the state has 5,024 death row -- 524 death row inmates. voters in colorado and washington state have spoken. they want small amounts of marijuana legalized for recreational use. >> and what happens next? carter evans shows us. making it work in the real world was another battle.
9:05 am
>> reporter: in colorado and washington state, voters had stirred the pot. >> can you not be arrested for being in possession of an ounce of marijuana. >> we can't wait to go to 7- eleven and buy a pack of joints. >> reporter: what is not clear is when or howle that happen. >> you legalized marijuana. i -- to a friend of mine, no you can't. i can grow it, no you can't. i can transport it, no, you can't. >> reporter: it could take a year or more to develop regulations. until then n colorado and washington, there is no legal way to procure pot for recreational use. >> i don't know if it's supposed to fall from the sky or how people are supposed to get it. once they have it and if you're found with it, if you're caught by a police officer with under an ounce, you're not going to get prosecuted. >> reporter: federal authorities are not changing their views. marijuana is considered more dangerous than cocaine. >> everyone is operating on the blank slate of what do we do
9:06 am
now? >> reporter: she's a former prosecutor. >> and that is -- i don't think they want to go to someone's house and say you can't smoke a joint on the sofa. >> reporter: they have met with federal authorities and is unclear if the feds will sue to block the new law. the colorado governor john hicken looper is prepared to fight. >> i didn't support the initiative, but you can't argue with the will of the voters. >> reporter: what happens when the smoke clears is up in the air. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. in headlines around the bay area, the rebuilding of chevron's crowd unit rich from refinery that caught fire in august is still going on. the oil giant is expected to give a presentation on the work and that is tomorrow at the bay area quality management district board. chevron is expected to have a plan on how to reduce accidental emissions from occurring in the future.
9:07 am
and another's -- another nurse's strike. they plan a strike for tuesday and wednesday andy that upset about the plan to reduce the benefits. in berkeley and oakland, management is proposing eliminating paid sick leave in favor of pto. the union said that would force nursees to work when they're ill. and first lady michelle obama will give them a youth award. the arts and humanities youth program is a lifetime achievement award and teaches students about the median and this is a youth radio production we're seeing here. the young adults sharing their thoughts on why they voted from palma -- for president obama. the award will be awarded at the white house. the scandal that brought down general petraeus. >> the, mails kicking off the investigation into his affair. how private are the messages?
9:08 am
our conversation with the legal expert next. >> and she's back at work. still to come, the sheriff reflects on the domestic violence case that nearly cost him his job. we'll be right back.
9:09 am
. ing thats for coming by the cw early this sunday morning, starting out with a few high clouds. we have dried out. numbers are if the 50s. ,,,,
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9:11 am
thanksgiving meal this year. san francisco an . for some, bay area families might be missing out on a thanksgiving meal this year. san francisco and marin food banks are still short more than 1700 turkeys. they only halfway to meeting their goal of feeding 35,000 families and now they're turning to the community for help. >> we have over 250,000 families. if you look at the whole bay area, we have 600,000 families. we hope that the food banks were able to give them a special holiday meal. >> the food bank plans to distribute more than 1 million pounds of food this thanksgiving. you know, we hear this story every year. the bay area usually comes through with donations and can you donate at any whole foods market. we posted more details on our
9:12 am
website, i can't believe that thanksgiving is only a few days away. >> and what is the weather going to be like? >> that is the great question troubling those times. i will have an answer for you. first, we need to show you the current ratings in the bay area. we got good rain last night. it translates into snow above 6,000 feet. back here, the numbers are mostly in the mid-50s. and there is some fog up in the katati plane around santa rosa. 53 degrees at concord right now. the high clouds shroud most of northern california, but still, you have seen the sun through that and the rain, it's gone. it's, as can you see, from the high def doppler. channel 5s radar site. high atop mount vaca and that is not picking up anything. we're looking for a mostly dry day, not perfectly sunny but, nevertheless, the showers are heading out and a break from wet weather. more rain will be moving into the bay area on late tuesday and thanksgiving to answer phil and ann's question, thanksgiving looks dry.
9:13 am
we'll cover the details. first, look at this. this had that is the storm that came through at 7:30 last night and that is headed into the mountains. it will produce more snow out there of as well and this looks potent. all of this is going to do is overspread the bay area with more high cloudiness and this front behind will just skirt to northern california. if you're going north, you'll get rain and here, we'll so the southern affects. high clouds and high pressure keeps it mostly out of the bay area. increasing sunshine compared to yesterday. and if your travel plans including heading out of sfo tomorrow, partly sunny skies, the temperatures, 64 degrees at sfo and this is for monday and new york looks a-okay. the low 60s, 63 at union city and 63 degrees for san mateo, redwood sea -- city, 62. cities for the east bear, high clouds over the bay area and to
9:14 am
-- east bay, and 57 degrees over at bodega bay on the chilly side. and now, we increase the clouds on tuesday night and that is bleing to a chance of rain and high and dry in the area. there is forecast. >> and we're talking about the story of the week former cia director david petraeus apologized to lawmakers this weekar an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. >> and there is still plenty of questions about the state of cure the and the fallout from the affair. that is why we had the u.s. hastings professor elizabeth hillman who is the down with us earlier and one of the things she talked about was e-mail privacy. >> when the united states government decides it wants information and there is a
9:15 am
source, e-mail is the use of of the private data. and i think people can fail reasonably comfortable that it's not that easy for private individuals to get access. the government has to ask the internet service provider like google, for instance, those were g-mail, counts in this case that the information came from and they have to ask. the ifp complies if they consider it's reasonable request. this triggered google to look at the policies and other providers. >> so, basically, what the situation is, i write the e- mail and own the rights of what is in it and that isent lengthual property. there is certain privacy bounds. if the government knocks on the door and said we like to take a look at the e-mails, they're complying? >> they have to have a good -- the government has to have good reasons and the holder of the information, google's -- . >> who determines what is quote, unquote, a good reason?
9:16 am
you don't go in front of the judge and they make a call. who makes a call? >> and you go in front a judge if you have a war a rant and on's warrant and that is in a 19 quick law. if an e-mail is older than six months, there is no need for a warrant from the judge. in this case, the fbi agent has the author tight make the decision. subject to the board of supervisors it would be devoted to that and that is a big distinction. the information, older than six months and that is not protected the same way other communications would be. >> and in this situation we're talking about a military general. the standards are so high with military conduct. is that something that should be relooked and we should be up in someone's business about?
9:17 am
>> that is a troubling question, i think. we ask the service members to undertake great risks and make sacrifices for us, and we seem to hold them to a different set of standards. >> he's the director of the cia. >> right. >> and if he's the top spy in the top spy network in the world and is doing something this stupid, that is a standard there? >> if he was not compromising national security, he was compromising his marriage. >> right job, and -- >> he's a top spy and should know people would be look at him. does he have a different standard? >> petraeus crow rewrote the rules in many base. i think he's been a celebrity the military hasn't had for a long time. he retired early, 60 when he left and took the position as director of the cia. i think he's made different rules for himself and held himself out publicly to a higher standard. i think there is no doubt about that. once this happened, his own
9:18 am
self-created image was undercut. >> undercut. i would say that is obliterated. >> yeah, where is his career now? >> it's interesting. i find the idea that the e-mail is not yours. when you set up the a counts or something, you have a privacy, but the privacy of that is only as much as the google or the g- net, whoever it is decides. >> yeah, that is true and it's disturbing. the good thing about that, nobody cares what you or i are doing. our e-mails should be okay. >> you never know. >> hopefully. on another topic. >> speaking of scandal. >> reflecting on his domestic violence investigation. >> that is right. next what, he would have done over and different. our one-on-one conversation with the sheriff of san francisco. card hassles?
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project to help restore nate oyster habitats in san frano bay.
9:21 am
see thos . this weekend, volunteers from richmond high helped restore the native habitats in the san francisco bay. see the tiny specs in they baby oysters and they're called fats. the bricks have been in the bay since august and oyster spawn or, as they say, recruit during the summer and early fall. the students are counting and measuring the spats. >> they trying to see what sites, from 7 different areas from around the bay area. we're trying to see what sites are better recruitment sites for oysters and then we can focus our restoration efforts and the sites, hopefully. >> the student projects part of richmond high school's aqua team and they take part in environmental restoration efforts in the area's waterways. interesting, huh? >> the sheriff of san francisco is back on the job. style probation for a domestic violence incident. >> and the mayor wants -- [
9:22 am
indiscernible ] to give up on probation. he has, he said. the first to the shive is what is the split? >> i'm not sure. i would like to keep moving like a goal post. in the original communications, both from the district attorney and the mayor, they left it in our hands and i said no problem. we have a chain of command, the department of over a thousand people -- and detaching myself is the very doable. >> one of the most oft questions people asked me was why didn't he just go down at the beginning, cooperate with the investigation and end it? why did every turn, it seemed to grow. why didn't he go down there and cooperate at the begin something. >> we would have and to this day, i never, and my wife never talked to the district attorney, the police or the mayor whole they assert they wanted to. still folks with her. remember when i gave the mayor her phone number, talk with my
9:23 am
wife. call her up, please. don't take my word for it. he never did and in the very beginning, i wish in hindsight, that we were more clarifying. >> why don't you just go down and talk with investigators. as a law enforcement official, that seems to be what is running your fellow law enforcement officials, you didn't cooperate. they said ross didn't cooperate. >> under the investigation, especially when it's legal and criminal investigation, then you have to sort of follow the protocol and that is what we did. follow the protocol and not knowing what, if they were probing, not knowing what really our approach should be and i took the advice of our lawyer. >> if you had something to do over? >> would i have done that? >> yeah. >> i would have done a few things over. i wouldn't have allowed the mischaracterization and saying that domestic violence is a private family matter. nobody in the right mind believes that and i never did. my words got conflated in a way where billboards went up and i
9:24 am
would have been much more, i think, press savvy and confident to correct what that statement was. they used that and i would have been more than happy to sit down with the district attorney and anyone else for that matter. >> and it's ongoing and this story is not over. >> and there is the possibility of a recall, right? >> that's right. >> and that remains to be seen whether there is some women's groups very upset with the sheriff, whether they have the momentum, the mean, and really want to work it that hard. i think instead they're going to just rearrange what the particular sheriff does in the short-term. it's going to be -- this is not -- the story is not going away. >> we'll keep following it for you. coming up, one more look at the morning's top story. >> and that's right, that includes a new apology from the head of san jose's catholic
9:25 am
church. what led a sex offender to volunteer at a school e vent. next. we challenged the manufacturers to offer even lower prices.n. now it's posturepedic versus beautyrest, with $400, $500, up to $600 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with 3 years interest-free financing. plus free same day delivery, set-up, and removal of your old set. when brands compete, you save.
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bishop apologizes after a regi der was allo . well, locate look at the morning's top stories, ann? >> starting with san jose's bishop apologizing after a registered sex offender was allowed to volunteer at a school festival. mark, christopher gary has written permission from the church to attend the school festival last month. >> and in international news, israel carried out more air strikes in gaza today. they attacked two media centers hit wounding six palestinian journalists. a rocket was also fired at tel aviv and then intercepted by a missile defense system. >> hundreds of thousands of employees and customers are voicing their outrage over black friday coming early. turns out stores like wal-mart, target and best buy plan to open on thanksgiving night instead of the day after.
9:28 am
time for a last look at the weather forecast. drying out for a while. >> and. >> plenty of clouds in the bay area this morning. the next chance is coming in tuesday. meantime, a chilly never day. the highs in the low 60s today. the next chance coming in late tuesday and wednesday. thanksgiving looks dry. >> and. >> hurricane sandy didn't just disrupt. >> no, 60 of the dogs and cats arrived in san diego this week to find new homes before the holiday. the animals flew on a southwest airline special charter flight and the flight crew donated their time to take the trip. sea world provided veterinarians and technicians to chaperone them during the cross-country rescue. that is it for eyewitness news this morning. i want to thank everyone for joining us. >> hope you enjoy the rest of your sunday if you're stepping
9:29 am
out of the door. we'll be back next week at 7:30 and eyewitness news comes back at you 5:30 tonight. this book is the most exciting, optimistic, hopeful manuscript that has ever been written. i challenge you. get up from the depths of despair and defeat. square your shoulders. lift your head. our blessed hope, jesus christ, the author and the finisher of our faith, will keep us safe. get excited about your future. if god is in youtu

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